The Accretionary Wedge #38: Back to School

It’s time to get back to school. After a long, hot summer we need to start the routine from scratch: getting up early in the morning, staying late in the night finishing homework and of course, the best part of studying geology: the field trips.

As student, from my point of view, there some things yet to change in the way geology is taught and learnt in University.

First, when you finish your degree in geology you may have never researched about any topic. It’s difficult to enroll in a research program, and if you do by your own, you find very little support. Sometimes, studying geology it’s just memorizing a lot of data without any kind of reasoning, and if you want to prepare future scientists, you have to teach how to research.

Second, there must be more plasticity in the courses subjects because geology really changes every day. And sometimes I think I’m studying a subject of the 19th century.

Third, geology is a very invisible science –at least here in Spain- and we need to make an effort to make more popularization activities to reach as many people as we can. We need to work together (students and professors) to make geology a popular science and put it in the place where it deserves to be. After all, everyone is sitting in the Earth crust…

I know that there must be a thousand more things to change, ¡but I can’t remember everything! Maybe I should have researched a little more…


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